First entry – Introducing Wellies & Windbreaks

19 March 2017

This is why I set up Wellies & Windbreaks! Well one of the reasons anyway. On a day like last Tuesday I have one of the best offices in the world. There are times of course when it is less pleasant and rather more biblical out there. My dog walk isn’t quite so enjoyable then. However, being able to take a break from work and walk on West Wittering beach, whatever the weather, is a real perk of my job.

I set up Wellies & Windbreaks just before my third child, Sam, started school. I had returned to office-based work in London after both Ella and Charlie, but felt that if I was to combine parenthood with employment then I needed to find something that I could do where I dictated my own hours. Finding a job that genuinely permits you to do everything you need / want to do for your family as well as earning money and enjoying genuine work satisfaction really is the holy grail. I count myself as one of the lucky ones to have been able to find a balance that works.

Managing my father-in-law’s holiday home in East Wittering gave me a platform to set up my own holiday rentals business. I figured if I could do it for him then why not offer my services to others. When two prospects became firm clients, I set up my website. Back in April 2015 I started with these three properties. Two years on and I now have 16 properties on the books and the business continues to grow, primarily by word of mouth.

I have learned a lot along the way and still have so much further to go. Even in two years the holiday rental industry in the UK has undergone significant change. Airbnb has transformed the market place and instant online booking has changed the way holiday makers choose their holiday accommodation. I have plenty to say on this subject but will save it for my next blog. Suffice to say that competing in an ‘instant book’ marketplace is not without its challenges, but I firmly believe that there are still people out there who actually like to talk to human beings before committing to something. Offering a personal approach to both home owners and holidaymakers alike is the cornerstone of my business. I do accept, however, that I must learn to harness the power of social media and increase my online presence…hence this being my first ever blog!

The alternative to ‘instant book’

…coming soon